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Social-Emotional Health and Development – Trauma 1


This training will go over promoting social-emotional development in a trauma-sensitive environment helping both teachers and students have a successful learning environment. This class will also help earn points toward the Colorado Shines rating. It is highly recommended to take this training before taking Trauma 2.

Social-Emotional Health and Development – Trauma 2


This training is the second part of Trauma 1 and it is highly recommended you take Trauma 1 before taking Trauma 2. This training goes more in-depth about the effect's trauma has on the young brain and what you can do to help promote a trauma-sensitive classroom, both for adults and children. This class will […]

Coffee Chat with Coaches


Grab your favorite coffee or tea and join JI’s Foundations Coaches for some time to chat. This is a NEW virtual forum for early childhood professionals to connect with us, seek resources, and bring questions and concerns about topics such as staffing challenges, ratings, licensing, stress/workload, professional development, tension in the workplace, challenging behaviors, and […]