The Alliance for Kids

Did you know . . . leading researchers, economists, and academicians agree there is one specific economic development strategy that will, by itself, do more than any other strategy to optimize future economic growth in the United States.  The strategy?  High-quality early care and education.

AFK works with local service providers and organizations to support young children and families in El Paso County to:

  • Ensure that each and every child experiences an equitable, high quality continuum of services and supports that leads to success in school and life.
  • Improve the quality of early learning environments to prepare young children to enter kindergarten; build the resources and skills of families; and ensure that families have access to social, physical, and mental health services.
  • Be a hub for partners, providers, caregivers, policy makers, and business leaders to coordinate, collaborate, and align resources.

The Vision of Alliance for Kids to make El Paso County the best place to raise a child is realized through the collaborative efforts of community leaders from early care and education, health, mental health, and family support programs. These individuals come together as members of the AFK Council to ensure that families thrive and ALL children develop their potential.

Mission: The Alliance for Kids will serve as a vehicle that brings together agencies and individuals to work collaboratively on a seamless system of care for young children and their families in El Paso County.

Alliance for Kids is an initiative of its fiscal agent Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families.

Our funders include the Colorado Department of Human Services, El Paso County Department of Human Services, and The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation.

Questions?  For detailed information, be sure and visit the Alliance for Kids website or contact the Coordinator below:

Jackie Florendo
Alliance for Kids Coordinator
2335 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs, CO  80904
Phone:  719-634-8045
Fax:  719-636-5191
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We work toward a shift in child policies from punishment and incarceration to prevention, early intervention and sustained child investment.