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JI Announces Subcontract Award Recipient

The independent review team of volunteers from the REACH Committee scored each proposal received, and voting members of the REACH Committee support the decision to award the subcontract for Supervision, Care Coordination, Screening, and Assessment to Mission Possible.

We are grateful for each unique response and the work our review team did to ensure a fair and equitable process.




  1. Colorado Reference Guide Juvenile Screening and Assessment
  2. JDSAG (Juvenile Detention Screening Guide) Sample
  3. Legislation for Bed Reduction
  4. Bed Reduction Allocation by Youth Center Memo
  5. Juvenile Detention Screening and Assessment Policy
  6. Relative Information Form and Policy
  7. Bed Loaning & Borrowing Procedures and Catchment map
  8. CJRA (Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment) Information | 8b CJRA Full Screen
  9. 4th Judicial District’s Current CYDC Plan
  10. Racial Equity Action Plan SAMPLE
  11. Signature Page (MUST BE RETURNED)
  12. Budget Format

Inquiries and Responses for RFP #CYDC4JD0001, 4th Judicial District CYDC Program Services

Is this what we are to be going by when we are getting all the materials together and putting our proposal together?

Yes , the website is your GUIDE.

Then we have to complete the budget worksheet as well?

Yes, we need a budget proposal and have provided a worksheet.

So, this is the basic outline of the program?

Section IV is the statement of work.

In taking a look at the RFP for JD4 Fiscal Agency, it looks like the request is for Fiscal Agency as well as assessment/screening. Is the expectation that the Fiscal Agent must also be the contractor that provides assessment and screening services? Would a contractor that subcontracts an assessment/screening Provider be considered, or is there a reason the two services are combined in the RFP?

Joint Initiatives is the Fiscal Agent for CYDC funding. We received this award in February of 2021 and it began July 1, 2021 to be received over the next five years.


Joint Initiatives, as the fiscal agent posted the Request for Proposal to sub-contract out the following services under a single provider: Screening, Assessment, Care Coordination, and Tracking/Supervision for delinquent youth in El Paso County.

Is there a possibility of more than one award/provider for each service category? Or only one per service category?

ONE award

Is submission of the RFP response preferred by email or regular mail?  Both modes of submission are stated on pages 5 and 6 of the RFP document.


Is this RFP for 3 service lines/categories as stated on page 12 of the RFP document, or the two categories as stated on pages 14-16?

Page 14-16

Is the expectation of the screening and assessment team that they would provide detention hearing reports to the court for only pre-adjudicated youth with release recommendations to include follow up services?

Only pre-adjudicated

Are FULL CJRAs required for sentence youth (probation) who are admitted to detention, or would they get only CJRA pre-screens?

Only pre-adjudicated full screen

Is the report that is submitted to the court at each youth’s 48-hour detention hearing (last sentence above) the same as the detention hearing reports?


Is the Community Care Coordination and Supervision service available to sentenced youth?

Only pre-adjudicated

Will the Community Care Coordination and Supervision entity be responsible for entering data into TRAILS and CYSN for pre-adjudicated and sentenced youth who receive CYDC funded services?

Yes, for pre-adjudicated (all screened youth to include sentenced should be entered into TRAILS)

Are items 8 (Cultural Competence or Racial Equity Action Plan) and 9 (HIPAA Compliance) included in the five-page limit?

No, as an attachment not a part of your 5-page limit

CLEs Offered for Community Collaborative Series

Seven (7) CLEs will be offered for the Spring 2021 series. The four sessions will include:

The series will be recorded and links to the videos will be posted on this page.

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