Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (CYDC)

Did you know . . . that attempting to reduce crime by focusing only on law enforcement and corrections, is like providing expensive ambulances at the bottom of a cliff to pick up the youngsters who fall off -- rather than building a fence at the top of the cliff to keep them from falling in the first place.

Funded by the Colorado Department of Human Services – Division of Youth Corrections, CYDC is a statewide grant initiative that provides alternatives to detention for youth, ages 10 to 17, involved in the juvenile justice system.

The Fourth Judicial District, which includes El Paso and Teller counties, is allocated over $1 million dollars annually for this purpose.

CYDC has an Oversight and Planning Committee which is required by statute. The members include:

  • City of Colorado Springs Municipal Court
  • Division of Youth Corrections - Southern Region
  • El Paso County Department of Human Services
  • El Paso County Public Health
  • Fourth Judicial District Juvenile Court
  • Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office
  • Fourth Judicial District Probation Department
  • Fourth Judicial District Public Defender's Office
  • Teller County Department of Social Services
  • Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families
  • Colorado Springs Police Department
  • El Paso County Sheriff's Department
  • AspenPointe
  • Teller County Commissioner's Office
  • Private Citizens
  • School District #2 - Harrison
  • School District #3 - Widefield
  • School District #11 - Colorado Springs
Several of the CYDC Oversight and Planning Committee members are also JI members.

Each year, the district prepares a juvenile services plan that is specifically designed to provide a continuum of detention services for youth engaged in the juvenile justice system. Service plans are approved by the:

This initiative employs one full time Coordinator and one full time Data Management Specialist.

Services provided to each youth can be one, or a combination of the following:

Services are provided through subcontracts with community providers and independent contractors.



CYDC JAG Supplemental Report FY 2021-22 | August 2021

CYDC JAG Supplemental Report FY 2021-22 | September 2021


CYDC & CMP Data Report FY20-21 FINAL

FY19-20 | Available Upon Request

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