Joint Initiatives BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Board of Directors

Colleen Batchelor
Director of Child and Family Service - The Resource Exchange

Linda Billings-Vela
District Court Judge – 4th Judicial District Trial Courts

SherryLynn Boyles
Executive Director -

Christopher Burke
Chief Executive Officer – Cedar Springs Behavioral Health System

Jill Calvert
Children, Youth & Family Services Director
El Paso County Department of Human Services

Brandi Haws
Vice President – AspenPointe Health Services

Brenda Heimbach
Health Services Division Director – El Paso County Public Health

Sandi Kwesell
Founder – Pillars for Success

Noreen Landis-Tyson
President & CEO – CPCD giving children a head start

Jodi Mijares
Executive Director - Community Partnership Family Resource Center

Jane O'Day
Chief Probation Officer - Colorado Springs Municipal Court

Ellen Walker
Chief Probation Officer – Probation 4th Judicial District

There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, and not as many separate ones.

- Anwar al-Sadat