“We're still not where we are going but we're still not where we were.”  - Natasha Josefowitz

Recent Accomplishments

Highlights of Joint Initiatives for Youth & Families’ recent accomplishments:

This is a collaborative management process for children and youth involved with multiple agencies.   The Wraparound Model is the process by which children and their families are served. 

As a result of meeting identified outcomes through 2007 the county received in excess of $500,000.

In support of the Wraparound Model, JI served as fiscal agent for the Wraparound Coalition in a contract with Vroon VanDenBerg to provide Wraparound training, coaching and community education for high fidelity wraparound in the community.  Six entities contributed funds for the contract and included: WAY for Families (HB1451) El Paso County, HB1451 Teller County, Kids Crossing, Senate Bill 94, Pikes Peak Mental Health and Connect Care. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

- Benjamin Franklin