Reach Collaborative Management Program

El Paso County is one of more than 40 Counties in Colorado which participates in the House Bill 04-1451 Collaborative Management Program (CMP).  This statute recognizes the need for a collective community approach to serving children/youth with complex needs through a tailored integrated approach and with child, youth and family engagement in planning, services and solutions.  The work of the initiative is funded through statutory incentive funds and grants. 

The Statutory Purpose of CMP Includes:

A.     Reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation of services provided to children, youth and families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services.

B.     Increase the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services delivered to children and families who would benefit from multi-agency services, to achieve better outcomes;

C.     Encourage cost sharing among service providers.

The CMP is governed by an Interagency Oversight Group (IOG) made up of the following members each having a vote:

This group of partners is committed to support best practices in El Paso County and the state of Colorado through the collective identification of common goals; analysis of barriers and gaps; development and implementation of innovative, integrated practices; alignment of local and state systems; evaluating promising integrated models; and overseeing continuous quality improvement processes. 

The work of RCMP is to collectively identify, implement and evaluate effective strategies to create a seamless system of services and supports for children, youth and families in line with the following principles:

  1. Child/youth & family voice is prominent throughout service development;

  2. Youth and family have access to individualized services that address their physical, emotional, social, and educational needs;

  3. Service approaches are trauma informed;

  4. Services are offered in the least restrictive environment with preference to community based services and natural supports;

  5. Youth and Families are full participants in planning and service delivery;

  6. Services are integrated and coordinated;

  7. Services are responsive to changing needs;

  8. Early identification and intervention is promoted;

  9. Transitions to the adult service system are smooth;

  10. Rights of children and youth are protected and effective advocacy efforts are promoted;

  11. Services are sensitive and responsive to family culture and special needs.

Efforts include:

  1. Supporting the expansion of a comprehensive system of care in El Paso County through collective planning and decision making, coordination of efforts across systems, blended resources and measurement of impact for continuous quality improvement.  
  2. Building a strong continuum of care across all systems including the expansion of High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) capacity in El Paso County and HFW aligned Care Coordination as a means of delivering consistent evidence based services, to engage youth and families in their own plan and to ensure that plan is integrated across systems and services. 
  3. Developing and maintaining of a framework for the coordination of child and family serving systems in order to deliver quality targeted child and family driven services and supports seamlessly and efficiently and to encourage the utilization of natural and community supports/services whenever possible.  This approach requires: engagement and coordination of multiple community and system partners including Child Welfare, integrated mental and physical health, Juvenile Justice, and community advocacy entities; coordination of multiple federal, state, and local funding streams; and the implementation of a coordinated community governance structure to ensure community voice and continuous improvement and innovation.
  4. Early intervention and prevention support for youth and families to divert youth from entering into mandated services, like Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice, and to support success in school and career readiness.
  5. Flexible Funding to support youth and family driven plans for which there is no traditional funding stream.
  6. Promoting family and youth voice, leadership development, and peer support.

2018-19 El Paso RCMP Direct Service Programs:

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