“Invest in the human soul.  Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.”  - Mary McLeod Bethune

Joint Initiatives Active Committees

The structure of Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families includes two standing committees and each member of JI is expected to serve on one of them.

These committees focus on long term benefits to children as well as cost savings through the reduction of duplication and the implementation of prevention and intervention programs.

Integrated Services System Committee

This committee takes a leadership role in community initiatives that develop an integrated and seamless system of services for children and young adults, prenatal – 21 years old, and their families.

Legislative Advocacy and Public Policy Committee

This committee supports legislation and public policy that provides for integrated, high quality services for children and their families. 

Executive, Finance and Audit Committees

Three other board committees support the infrastructure of the organization and include the Executive, Finance and Audit Committees.  Additional, ad hoc committees are appointed as necessary.

We build the road and the road builds us.

- Sri Lankan saying