"Soon after my appointment here in Colorado Springs, I began participating in JI Board meetings.  I have found that the networking and collaboration that emerged from my participation helped to jump-start me to work on critical issues in my new community.  After some time, the relationships forged through the JI Board have provided me with a positive support network and continued opportunities to work on youth-focused programs with both traditional and new partners." - Chief Richard Myers, Colorado Springs Police Department

"Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families is the most meaningful, collaborative, forward-thinking board that I have served on in my 22 years as an Executive Director.  It is a rare and beautiful thing when CEOs and Directors from agencies who are competing for funding, can come together and strive to improve service integration and legislation for children and families.  I am deeply proud to be a member of Joint Initiatives." - Trudy Strewler-Hodges, Executive Director, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

"JI uses the power of its collective voice to remove barriers to system and service integration."  - Noreen Landis-Tyson, President & CEO, Community Partnership for Child Development

"Being a member of JI enables me to be a part of a larger activity for the good of the community’s children and their families."  - Morris Roth, President & CEO, AspenPointe

"JI integrates those who can make policy and practice changes and they make them in the same direction.  They are interdependent vs. independent."  - Elaine Crnkovic, CEO, Cedar Springs Behavioral Health System

"How often do you see busy executives or top elected officials of organizations and government entities come together on a monthly basis to specifically address issues that ensure a high quality of life for the children and families in our community?  That's a huge benefit of JI in our community."  - BJ Scott, CEO, Peak Vista Community Health Centers Foundation

"JI can leverage the power that exists around the table to enable systemic change that assures a continuum of integrated services and influence public policy on behalf of children and families."  - Trudy Strewler-Hodges, Executive Director, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

"JI is a forum for diverse groups of government and non-profits providing services to youth and families to explore common interests and enhance or expand services."  - Chief Richard Myers, Colorado Springs Police Department

"Bad outcomes can only be affected by working together."  - Lloyd Malone, Director, Colorado Division of Child Welfare and former JI Board Member

"JI brings together community leaders, whose work may cross paths, to communicate, work together better and avoid duplication."  - Connie Brachtenbach, Executive Director, TESSA

"JI facilitates service integration and systems building among JI members (and the community organizations in which JI members participate) to improve services for children and their families in our community that result in better child, family and community outcomes."            - Noreen Landis-Tyson, President & CEO, Community Partnership for Child Development

"Aside from being a part of cutting edge changes to service provision for children and families, involvement in JI allows each CEO to interact on a colleague to colleague basis with the network of service providing agencies, public and private, across the fabric of our community.  These interactions, which do not happen in many communities, have led to solutions, collaborations and less redundancy in service provision in a time of tight budgets and increased need.  Our communities are fortunate to have such a link among the service provider agencies."  - Bob Baker, Former JI Member and President, Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs


There is a need for a comprehensive continuum of support from birth to adulthood.