How We Work

It's impossible for one agency or approach - especially one far removed from our community - to effectively address the diverse needs of children, youth and families in our community. Joint Initiatives works collaboratively, efficiently, and locally to produce positive change and create empowered individuals.

We work collaboratively.
We bring our community together to harness the expertise and insights of local businesses, health and human services, public safety, the judiciary, education, non-profits, families, and many more.

We leverage community resources and ensure integration of services and support for youth with complex needs, and their families, bringing people together from different parts of the whole family's life to create a strengths-based plan.

We improve relationships and communication and identify gaps and barriers among all child-related agencies to ensure all entities work together when serving children, youth, and families involved with multiple agencies.

We work efficiently. Our collaborative approach leads to less duplication of efforts and more effective use of resources.

Furthermore, our collaborative approach works. Investment in early childhood social/emotional health and education, intervention using the Wraparound Model and Collaborative Management, and alternatives to youth detention lead to individuals significantly less dependent on social services later in life.

We work locally.
Strategic direction is set by representatives from our community, not by the State. Each initiative is governed by a council or oversight group composed of representatives across like systems, organizations and community stakeholders.

No one can go it alone.

- Grace Olibvarez